Jasmine Luter, 38, is the mother of three. Here she is with her youngest, 15-month old Gabrielle, at the Louisiana Children’s Museum. Credit: Nigell Moses/Verite


It’s a big word that encompasses a whole lot. It also means many things to many people. 

Being a mother takes patience and understanding. It’s joy, but also hard work and sacrifice.

However, Black mothers have to take on the additional responsibility of navigating a world where their children may encounter racism, discrimination and bias because of their skin color. They may encounter people who may not appreciate their diverse background or may not be welcomed in spaces that see Black skin as a threat.

Black mothers have to have “the talk” with their sons about how to interact with police and have to explain the injustice of the lynching of Emmett Till and the death of George Floyd. 

It’s a fear that comes with raising Black children.

Being a Black mother is intense, said Dominique Jones-Johnson, founder and CEO of Daughters Beyond Incarceration and Parenting from Prison.

“It’s scary. It’s powerful. It’s life-changing. But it also gives me the opportunity to be vulnerable with people I created,” said Jones-Johnson.

Jones-Johnson is one of six Black women Verite talked to about motherhood, being a Black mother and what Mother’s Day means to them. Other participants include Jasmine Luter, Sheila Robinson, Clara Baron-Hyppolite, Shay Claiborne and Justina Boyd.

Check out the special Mother’s Day video below:

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